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Re: Iron Man: Armored Adventures gets 2nd Season

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Wow, really? They've yet to renew Spec Spidey, I would have thought its renewal would be a slam dunk decision to renew. Wonder what the hold up is?
It can't be the Disney/Marvel merger is IM:AA is moving forward cause that would've been my first guess.
What I heard is that in order to retain the movie rights to Spidey after the merger, Sony gave up the TV rights in exchange, so now they belong solely to Disney. And that means that the only way SSM will get a third season is if Disney XD wants to produce and air it. So the corporate reshuffling apparently has caused some delay.

IM:AA is a different matter, since its rights were with Marvel to begin with, so the merger doesn't affect it.
This link is entirely about Disney launching an Avengers cartoon. However, at the very, very bottom it mentions still producing Spectacular Spiderman. So I see two ways to view it. One, its still considered being produced for another season until otherwise noted or Two, official cancellation news just hasn't been announced. Lets hope for the former.

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How is Brave & Bold doing? Has it been renewed?
It's currently airing its 26-episode second season (bringing the number of episodes to 52) and an animation blog recently passed along news that it's been renewed for a 13-episode third season, although that hasn't been officially confirmed yet.
Ah, the 'magical' 65 episodes for syndication. So the question then would be is this third season B&B last?
Seems if it wasn't going to be and the 65 number wasn't important that they would just do another 26 episodes.
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