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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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I rather like the TUC bridge from an actual operations standpoint, but I don't think it would fit in this "module" - this module is based on the TMP model - with two lifts in the rear. The TUC bridge would require the lifts approximately on the midline on the sides. I would build a specific bridge module for that particular design (and I may do just that).
All of the bridges, TMP, TVH, TFF, TUC, fit inside that module, no problems with the lifts.
Actually, no they don't. There are lots of problems, in fact. CTM is right and I forgot about the lifts. they are both farther apart by one full panel each away from each other in TFF and two full panels by the time TUC was made. This would put the lift shafts well outside the outer skin of the bridge dome. This is an even more horrendous bridge interior/exterior mismatch issue than the TOS Franz Joseph/Matt Jefferies "rotated bridge" wars that have plagued fandom for decades.

Here is the TMP refit bridge, along with the TWOK/TSFS bridge and the TVH bridge. All basically the same design where the turbo lifts are close together and to the rear of the bridge module, fitting nicely in the "airlock box" all the way in the back. The two domes on CTM's model are supposed to indicate the top of both shafts.

Now, here is the TFF bridge, where you're seeing that the lift doors are a bit farther apart. They might possibly fit, but they certainly don't line up with the two domes on the airlock box any more.

Finally, here is the TUC bridge, with similar aesthetics to the TFF bridge, but now the lift doors are on damn near opposite ends of the bridge module. there is absolutely no way that this design would fit in the old TMP refit module. They would stick out like ears if we saw a properly constructed exterior that was consistent with the set design.

My guess is the producers didn't want a separate set for the new Excelsior bridge like they had back in TSFS (which wasn't that great anyway, IMHO), and they really wanted that "kewl" alcove in the rear to make it look noticeably different from Kirk's ship without a lot of other big alterations (kind of like what they did between Enterprise and Reliant in TWOK, Grissom in TSFS and Sarotga/Yorktown in TVH), so they widened the lift doors to allow for that extra set piece and just re-skinned and reupholstered everything to save some money on the production for both bridges without much regard for the original filming miniature.
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