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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

Saquist - I'm still not happy with the joint along the side of the dome where the aft portion is supposed to merge smoothly into the forward surrounding edge. Glad you approve anyway. There is much detail left to add, but I didn't want to deprive folks of the current state of the project.

This is a solid object, I will carve out the space inside and build the bridge there, eventually.

137th Gebirg - I haven't decided. I rather like the TUC bridge from an actual operations standpoint, but I don't think it would fit in this "module" - this module is based on the TMP model - with two lifts in the rear. The TUC bridge would require the lifts approximately on the midline on the sides. I would build a specific bridge module for that particular design (and I may do just that). As for textures, that is beyond the capability of my AutoCAD. I can do some basic coloring (which I haven't yet on this object), but basically I'm doing Engineering Drawings, not Artistic Drawings.
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