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Re: Iron Man: Armored Adventures gets 2nd Season

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/\I'm surprised they didn't do that considering the success of the first Iron Man Movie.
I believe the show was in development before the movie came out.

And how hackneyed is the idea of a teen sidekick? I guarantee you that if that had been done, it would get even more fan protest than this has, because it would be something blatantly tacked onto the premise for kid appeal, something that didn't fit. At least IM:AA is still the same basic dynamic -- it's about Tony Stark, Jim Rhodes, and Pepper Potts as the core heroes. They're just younger, is all.

Yes, IM:AA is a variation on the familiar theme, but that doesn't mean it can't be worthwhile. Just think of it as an alternate universe, a What If..? story: What if Tony Stark had become Iron Man as a teen?
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