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Re: Your favorite animal-related charity?

Can I say "anybody except PETA and the Humane Society of the United States"? Eh, I probably shouldn't. Except that I just did.

I donate happily and gladly to my local human society/animal shelter, but PETA is just too nutty (it's far more anti-human and pro-publicity than pro-animal) and the HSUS spends almost allllllll of its money on lobbying ($1 out of every $200, or so I've heard). Hardly any of it goes toward saving animals. And that just ticks me off big time.

I also like the work of the Nature Conservancy.

But like Alpha, animal charities are not where most of my money goes. No disrespect intended, but everybody has to spend her charitable money where her heart leads, and my heart generally leads me in other directions.

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