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Re: FINAL POLL - February Challenge - Trek in Winter

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Was I supposed to post my entry somewhere else?
from the Fan Art Forum FAQ:
"Q: How do I enter the monthly art challenge, and what are its requirements?
A: The monthly TrekArt challenge is not an 'official' function of the forum, but is informally agreed upon and continued by the members. In general, the requirements of the monthly challenge are determined by the winner of the previous month's challenge, but the common expectations are that a) the artwork you submit is created during the month of the challenge, rather than using artwork or compositions that already exist and happen to fit the theme and rules of the challenge, and b) you are allowed only one final image to submit, although it may contain multiple views. To streamline the process and cut down on confusion and logistical problems, the moderator will post the final poll, and the entrants need to e-mail their final entries to the moderator (currently Ptrope; email: ptrope at gmail dot com) by midnight, GMT, on the last day of the month; the poll will then be posted in a timely fashion, usually on the first day of the month." (bolded italics added)
I would have voted for you though...
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