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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5 (NO spoilers, please)

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And so on and so on. JMS does not reference or homage, he 'borrows'. One's either fine with that or one's defensive about it, it makes no difference. I'm fine with it honestly; in concoting a potpurri of various geek literature interests with the odd traditional allusion JMS created a much better TV series then he likely would have if he struck out at tried to be completely original, or at least completely archetypal - quality is something that matters more to me than such frames of reference.
Joe actually described this somewhere in one of the script books. I can't remember the quote off hand, but he was talking about how he wanted to use a particular scene from a movie in one of his projects but hadn't found a place to put it yet. Tarantino writes in a similar way, adapting scenes from movies here and there to make a new whole, and the end result is quite good IMO. But it's not about taking a story one-for-one; it's a multiplexing of stories and life experiences into a new creature. If a certain story speaks to you, you can write it in a new way that isn't "borrowing" but it still cuts in to the very same themes. There is an explicit list of literary/television/movie influences that Joe wanted to use for B5 in one of his earliest Babylon 5 documents that is pretty interesting to think about, but a couple of them are definite spoilers for some later plots:

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