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Re: Embers of the Fire - ST: Gibraltar

Thank you for the commentary, folks!

KJ A, I'm glad you've read and enjoyed the whole series. As for Gibraltar's restrictions as a starship, that was really the whole driving force behind the series, to show a crew that had to dodge, claw, and cheat their way out of danger because the couldn't outrun or outfight it. You make salient points about what could potentially have been the ship's top speed, etc, but seeing as we're dealing with imaginary space vessels anyway, I decided to take some liberty with the specs.

CeJay, thanks again for your continued patronage. I'm grateful for your support and critical feedback.

unusualsuspex, thanks for reading and commenting. I'm glad you've enjoyed the series opener, and I appreciate the kind words. I hope you'll check out Geometries of Chance over on Ad Astra for the crew's next adventure.

Admiral2, thanks for the support and the comments! I think Liev Schreiber would make a terrific Lar'ragos, but he's a bit too big and physically defined. Pava's relatively small and wiry, which is part of what makes him so dangerous. People tend to underestimate him.

I see Pava looking more like this:
ST: Gibraltar - The complete series at Ad Astra: ST: Gibraltar
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