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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

I would tend to agree. I like how the director of TIS tries to merge the two locations together. It almost works, except that the dialogue is out of sync with the action (after they cross the triangular doorway). I'll put pics up later (if anyone's interested) to show what I mean, I'm stuck at work right now!

The hangar deck situation has cropped up here before and (short of making a 2000' Enterprise) there are two basic routes:

1. Use 21st Century "common sense" engineering techniques (like Cary) for the nacelle pylons but have a shuttlebay that is smaller than the one in show.

2. Have futuristic engineering setup (like blssdwlf ) and a larger, more show-accurate* shuttlebay.

*Of course this does raise the question - what do they need all that empty space for anyway? Surely the pilots aren't that bad! Maybe it doubles as other tournaments? Court Martial hangings? Perhaps they flood it occassionally and that's where the mysterious swimming pool is!
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