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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

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That's a very good point and from an in-universe perspective it makes perfect sense. It would call for some incredibly strong materials to work but hey; this is the future, right?
I'd be remiss at this point however if I didn't mention Cary L Brown's thread, since it also deals with support structure (from a modern "common sense" viewpoint). It's a fascinating read!
Wow. I looked through Cary Brown's thread and that is a fascinating (if not cautionary) read.

I like how he really pushes the structure all the way into the secondary hull, but unfortunately it would be a huge pain to recreate any hangar deck scene, IMHO. I wished he stuck with it longer just to see how he would work around that problem

I'm definitely going with the "advanced materials" philosophy and try to base it as "in-universe" as possible although I like his idea of using box beams for parts of the warp pylons There are going to be some external differences (or detailing) on my particular version of the ship won't be 100% accurate to any particular filming model though...

As to where they filmed the hangar deck scenes, I figured that they built the foyer in a large stage area that isn't in the current stage with the life-size shuttle model. In TIS when they go to the foyer, the camera cuts and they are now in the foyer. In JTB, the camera is already next to or in the foyer.
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