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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

@Mytran - good observation on the lack of pressure lights on the DM screenshot. I figure it must go somewhere to the hangar deck controls or the flight deck but not in a direct way (although he is on the "hangar deck" but I'm thinking now that the "hangar deck" are 3 decks total unless you count the observation deck which could be 4.

@April - that side corridor comes it very handy! Mytran is correct, we never see that part of the corridor/wall area in TIS... so that allows me to add in a side corridor that I can use to go around the lower hangar deck levels

The whole warp pylon structure problem got me thinking and here is a rough idea of how it might work. I'm leveraging off of the two dorsal beams at the flight deck ceiling and making use of the non-windowed areas of the observation deck for part of the ribs

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