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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

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I just re-watched it (go CBS/IMDB!) And it does look like there is no wall on the right if you look at it carefully in JTB. But, like Mytran noted, the camera doesn't pull further back and the closeup of McCoy just shows a wall behind him. Now you could say that the vertical strip behind him indicates that it is moving away from him and not part of the corridor seen in TIS, but for my purposes I'm going with the structure for the corridor+foyer is the same in both JTB and TIS. Cosmetically, they can be different and I'm okay with that

I also noticed that for the first time when I was preparing these images. That silver strip is a typical "flat joiner" that was used throughout the corridor set on TOS, so it seems likely that the wall behind McCoy is a continuous stretch (instead of the corner it would normally be):

It's very strange but lends credence to my idea that the "foyer" wasn't actually a redressed part of the corridor set at all, but a series of wild walls positioned just outside wherever it was they they filmed the live-action shuttlebay interior.

And what the hell is that greeble next to McCoy? It's too small for a red alert lamp and the wrong colour for a communicator panel. Suggestions anyone?

Of course, we never actually see that side of the corridor in IS, so they can still be the same location, regardless of bizzare ship design!

Onto Doomsday Machine:

That's a completely different part of the ship, sure enough! Actually, its recycled parts of the circular briefing room from "The Cage" and WNMHGB. Personally, I always put that scene down to being on the Hangar Deck level, but not actually near the pressure doors themselves (notice how the blue doors in the above pic are missing the green/red lights previously seen above pressure doors).

Finally - blssdwlf's updated shuttlebay design (with the 3 "somethings" I mentioned) is looking great! BTW, thanks for info about your shuttle sizes. It's nice to know that all sizes of shuttlecraft are welcome on your ship!
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