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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

I just re-watched it (go CBS/IMDB!) And it does look like there is no wall on the right if you look at it carefully in JTB. But, like Mytran noted, the camera doesn't pull further back and the closeup of McCoy just shows a wall behind him. Now you could say that the vertical strip behind him indicates that it is moving away from him and not part of the corridor seen in TIS, but for my purposes I'm going with the structure for the corridor+foyer is the same in both JTB and TIS. Cosmetically, they can be different and I'm okay with that

Just to throw another twist into it...

The foyer, angle of the pressure door wall and what is behind it is radically different in "The Doomsday Machine". As soon as I can get a screencap I'll post it up.

Based on the current info you guys have and what I've seen so far:

JTB and TIS = same foyer to go to hangar deck below flight deck.

LTBYLBF = turbolift next to foyer, most likely on the flight deck level. I'm reasoning this because when the door opens to the hangar deck it is green lit which corresponds to Kirk pointing to a green lit flight deck in "The Conscience of the King".

DM = same corridor stucture as TIS, but the foyer is completely different. My particular concept of the shuttlebay does have room for a deck between the hangar deck and flight deck, so I'm going to shove this mystery deck right there

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Well we see the alcove in both episodes, we just don't see what it's connected to in JTB. Sarek and co. walk through the triangular door frame and don't go any further (cos they stop to talk to Kirk), but we don't see anything to contradict TIS. It's also the way that Kirk et al entered the scene. And if that route doesn't lead to a corridor, where does it go?

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