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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

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However, the shot from doesn't show the full detail. Here is the maximum ceiling shot that we get to see from "Journey To Babel"

Thanks Mytran

Good eyes! I didn't even notice those three "somethings" there. I went in and added them to the elevator hatch "inner lip" ? and rendered out a new version. (I also moved the elevator walls further out so they don't show up as much in the render.) You can see the revised image here:

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For what it's worth, I actually think the 29' shuttlecraft makes a lot more sense, given that it's a longe range (see Metamorphosis) spacecraft. However, fitting it into what we see on screen is a bloomin' nightmare!
Funny you should mention that. When I was positioning everything, it was for a 29' shuttle. You can see in my early renders how massive it looks inside the bay. I rescaled it down to 24' (instead of 20') to accommodate the dialogue. But the elevator and turntable I left untouched and will still take a 29' shuttle

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Yeah, the window ports are one of the aforementioned headbangers. For one thing, if we were to go by the episode; the spacebound windows on the set are square (at best), whereas the ones one the exterior model are rectangular.

Yes there are ways you could rationalise this discrepancy, but it remains an idiosyncrasy nonetheless. And then there's the question of the pylons support structure, which if the shuttlebay is as large as appears on screen would appear to be non-existent - that future tech is something else!
Yep. I think I'll just add two squarish windows and hope no one notices

As far as the pylon support structure, I'm mocking up something that I think could work. I'm using the interior shots from ST:TMP as inspiration and one thing I've noticed is that the TMP Enterprise is it seems that the pylons and neck support structure doesn't extend very far into the hull itself (at least not obviously anyway).
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