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Re: Embers of the Fire - ST: Gibraltar

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You know, I was starting to like Klingons for their honour!

K'Vada is hopefully an aberration as far as the Empire is concerned, though the old saying "one bad apple" springs to mind.
K'Vada is a traditionalist. He's simply guaging the Cardassians on the behavioral patterns they've established to date... unfortunately for the Cardassians.

Sandhurst, like many military commanders before him, is caught between a rock and a hard place. Let's hope there's some redemption.
Hope springs eternal.

Ramirez made a nice stand with Sandhurst there and I thought it developed her character nicely.
If there's one thing Liana will never do, it's sit mutely by while perceived injustice goes unchallenged.

Laríragos certainly has some history too. Hmm, I suspect I have some reading up to do!
Pava is a complicated fellow with a long backstory and enough issues to fill a Galaxy-class starship.

Well paced, nice angst, compulsive reading!
Much obliged!
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