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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

That's good stuff, very well done! You're exploring most of the "quirky" aspects of the shuttlebay set in 3-D which is exactly what I've wanted to do - except I lack the time and tools to learn 3-D modelling! It's reassuring to know that there's someone else out there who's also interested in this aspect of Trek

I particularly like the way you've used the "something" at the top of the shuttle-room set as being the hatch-hole (for want of a better word). You know the one I mean? It's circled in your picture:

However, the shot from doesn't show the full detail. Here is the maximum ceiling shot that we get to see from "Journey To Babel"

There's a thread elsewhere on this board that speculates what this area of the set might actually be - but it fits into your design pretty well, regardless of it actually was. This is something that can only be borne out in 3-D, which is where your models come in very useful.

On a slight aside:
At first I thought the people in your shots looked a little small (or the shuttle a bit big)...

...then, reading around the thread at I see you've selected a 24' shuttlecraft, which explains the slightly larger shuttle compared to the screenshots. The actual size of the mock-up is documented here and is slightly under 20'.

For what it's worth, I actually think the 29' shuttlecraft makes a lot more sense, given that it's a longe range (see Metamorphosis) spacecraft. However, fitting it into what we see on screen is a bloomin' nightmare!

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...The flight deck is much longer than what has been drawn in any blueprint I've ever seen. Also, there are two window ports to the outside from the observation deck that I could not match up no matter how much I mess with the location of the hangar deck. (You can see the windows in a scene from "Conscience of the King".) The best I could do is to relocate or add those windows on the outside in a much more forward location....
Yeah, the window ports are one of the aforementioned headbangers. For one thing, if we were to go by the episode; the spacebound windows on the set are square (at best), whereas the ones one the exterior model are rectangular.

Yes there are ways you could rationalise this discrepancy, but it remains an idiosyncrasy nonetheless. And then there's the question of the pylons support structure, which if the shuttlebay is as large as appears on screen would appear to be non-existent - that future tech is something else!

Seriously though, I am very impressed with what you've done, and look forward to seeing more in the near future
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