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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

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I don't even know if I ate dinner last night, but I did eat some random granola bar late at night so that might as well count!

Tonight I'm going to attempt to make some sort of salad with flank steak, and I'm going to eat lots of cherry tomatoes. I wish I could eat tomatoes every day of the week!
Agreed on tomatoes. When they're good, they're food from the gods. But they're so disappointing in the stores. In season, I'm always buying them at farmer's markets. Take a big old slice of tomato and put it in between two slices of white bread with some mayonnaise and a little salt. Yum!

Or, fried green tomatoes. Whenever we make those, they never make it to the table. We eat them straight off the cooling rack.

On topic, last night, home alone for various reasons, I made myself shrimp and grits. (A home alone thing because no one else in my family will eat it.)
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