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Re: Twin Peaks: The Review Run

This a great episode of television. Honestly they will all be great until mid season 2.

My biggest question regarding this episode is not about the murder at all, but how a fish would come to be placed by accident in a coffee filter.

It's interesting how this show is actually somewhat normal in the beginning, the next episode will amp up the weirdness, so this episode in retrospect is the calm before the storm. Not that it isn't exciting, it is.

Leo is an ass, but he sure is entertaining. Not to give too much away, but I feel the show loses some of that menace later on, and it hurts the series. Also remember that Twin Peaks is meant to be darkly comic, and Leo can be hilarious at times. He's just so awful it's funny.

I always thought Bobby's father, Major Briggs comes off much harsher in this episode than he would in later episodes. He becomes more thoughtful and likeable as the show wears on.

Anyway, Glad to see you are back to the reviews Joe. I'm happy to see another's thoughts on one of a favorite shows. Really look forward to the next episode, one of greatest.
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