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Re: Twin Peaks: The Review Run

Sorry for the long delay. Busy with college work. As payment for my tardiness, I have written two reviews, one posted now and the other posted later (not so long from now) since I'm not completely done writing that one.

1x02 “Traces to Nowhere”

Good second episode and that's saying a lot because not a lot of shows are able to keep the goodness rolling by its second episode. Usually you have to wait later on in the show for it to come back.

There’s definitely some chemistry going on between Cooper and Audrey but I don’t how I feel about something more than chemistry happening between them concerning that Audrey is a high school girl.

Now I know I’m not the only one but I just want to say this for the record: I REALLY DON'T LIKE LEO. He’s one abusive, controlling asshole that I wouldn’t mind if he got killed off anytime soon in the show. Seeing the bloody shirt among his dirty clothes would make you think that he may have had something to do with Laura’s murder. But I rather watch a few more episodes before I would agree with you on that one because it’s just as likely that the blood may have come from someone else, which brings up the question: who else got killed? And come to think of it, is that shirt really Leo's?

The flashback with Laura and James made me want to cry badly for James who I feel this strange impulse to hug every time I see him and for Laura. The more I learn about Laura, the more I feel sorry for this poor, troubled girl and ponder on the growing question that seems to be on Cooper’s mind: what got her so scared that she would run away from James who she felt so happy around before? That she would change her mind about giving the other half of the money due to Leo to Bobby?

In Twin Peaks fashion, this episode like the one before and like the others that’ll follow has unveiled a number of things about the characters and the plot. Secret relationships are exposed (at least to us the audience), which I can’t go into without spoiling the reveals for those wanting to watch Twin Peaks for themselves. Plans for the downfall of the Packard sawmill are being made by shady figures and something wicked is in the air which was the feeling I was getting from Laura’s mother seeing the weird long-haired guy looking up at her. Who is he and what is his connection with what’s going on with Laura’s death? What role does the one-armed man in the hospital play in the story? What did the log lady’s log saw the night Laura was killed?

The joke with the fish in the coffee and the expressions on Cooper and Truman’s faces when being told about it had me laughing. The strained relationship between Audrey and her father, Mr. Horn, continues to carry on a Lionel/Lex vibe. A glimpse of life in Bobby’s home made me sorry for the bastard with his father hitting him for his disrespect and his mother carrying on like nothing happened. I feel there was something weird going on between Laura and her shrink, who may have been in love with his patient. And to be ranked one of my favorite scenes of “Traces to Nowhere” is the scene in which Donna shares with her mother her torn feelings about Laura’s death. On one hand, she feels deeply sad about it but on the other, she’s glad that it has given room for her and James to have their own special something (Possible motive for a possible suspect?). Maybe that’s the reason why she hung out with Laura when she, Laura, and James spent time together: so she could get close to James. But she was afraid of admitting it and acting on it because what it would do to her friendship with Laura.

Like I said before, it was a good second episode and it had me left wanting more like the all other Twin Peaks episodes that I have watched.
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