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Re: 007 questions for 2010

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I think EON needs to face facts that unless they decide to start remaking the Connery and Moore Bonds, if they want to keep connection to the literary Bond they need to start looking beyond Fleming and start adapting (or at least using the titles of) the Bonds written by John Gardner, Raymond Benson, and Kingsley Amis, as well as the Sebestian Faulks Bond novel of a few years ago.

I would love to see Colonel Sun filmed but it'd probably be too awkward to adapt now - the politics would need adaption and the M-being-kidnapped has been done (far inferiorly) comparitively recently in TWINE.

A couple of the Gardner books would work well but I hope they don't go anywhere near the Benson books, which are pretty ropey for the most part. The Faulks novel was fun, but a complete Bond pastiche which I don't think would go down too well on screen.

Put me down as another who counts The Living Daylights among his favourite Bond films.
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