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Re: 007 questions for 2010

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Is EON actually interested in doing anything that isn't Bond-related?

I hope this business with the purchase of MGM is resolved quickly; I really like Daniel Craig as Bond, and don't want a repeat of the '89-'95 hiatus where they dragged it on so long that Timothy Dalton finally said he was no longer interested.
The Dalton saga was a little more complicated than that. The 'Dalton Quits' story was essentially a way of letting him keep his dignity. They were only able to get the franchise back off the ground by letting him go. The hiatus was in part caused by Cubby Broccoli's loyalty to the actor and his view that Dalton was a fine 007; had he agreed to studio pressure to replace him, the series would have been back onscreen earlier.

Admittedly Dalton's casting firing wasn't the only obstacle to the Bond series being onscreen between 1989-95, but it was one of them. Only when Cubby died and his less sentimental/ loyal relatives took over was poor Tim let go.
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