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Re: 007 questions for 2010

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Is EON actually interested in doing anything that isn't Bond-related?
I second that. EON was Harry Salzman and Albert Broccoli's baby. They're both dead now, so there really isn't anything else for EON to do but Bond. There's no indication of Barbara Broccoli having interests in other projects, and certainly the Bond films have been lucrative enough on their own that there really hasn't been a need for EON to do anything but Bond, certainly not after Call Me Bwana stunk up the room back in the day.

The only exception would be, perhaps, if they ever did a film based on Fleming's Diamond Smugglers book which, aside from a travel guide called Thrilling Cities, was just about the only non-Bond material he ever published.

I hope this business with the purchase of MGM is resolved quickly; I really like Daniel Craig as Bond, and don't want a repeat of the '89-'95 hiatus where they dragged it on so long that Timothy Dalton finally said he was no longer interested.
Agreed. The last 2 Bonds were among the most successful in the franchise history, and a lot of people will lose out if the series gets put on hold, especially considering Quantum was part 2 of a planned trilogy - I'd like to see the story completed.

005. Assuming the answers to 001 and 002 fall on the optimstic side, would Bond 23 use a Fleming title?
They don't need to, obviously. There aren't that many titles left that would be considered commercial enough. Property of a Lady is a title that was first mentioned as a potential for Dalton's never-produced third Bond. It certainly has the best chances.

The others are The Hildebrand Rarity (zzz...), Risico (not too bad though I bet folks will have trouble saying it), and 007 in New York, which is simply unacceptable as a film title. According to a biography of Fleming, he was considering "My Enemy's Enemy" as the title of a future Bond novel or story before his death. That one's not bad.

I think EON needs to face facts that unless they decide to start remaking the Connery and Moore Bonds, if they want to keep connection to the literary Bond they need to start looking beyond Fleming and start adapting (or at least using the titles of) the Bonds written by John Gardner, Raymond Benson, and Kingsley Amis, as well as the Sebestian Faulks Bond novel of a few years ago.

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