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I'm trying to think of what I can say that's interesting second-hand.

The convention organizers treated us really well. Tom Donnelly conceived of the fan film track as mainly a series of round tables for those of us who make these things to swap information and stories. As such, those panels that didn't involve some kind of public presentation were lightly attended other than by the folks working on the films.

These panels were certainly fun and interesting for us and we got to know a lot of new people in the low-budget film community as well as seeing old friends. Browncoats Redemption, Starship Farragut, Polaris, Trenches and Star Trek: Phase II were represented on most panels. The topics revolved around topics like finding good actors and directors (my contribution to that one: just worry about finding a really good casting director and First AD and then stay out of the way), budgeting, building sets, lighting, and writing for low budget films.

On Sunday morning we did a presentation and showed a two-minute clip from Polaris to an audience of about two dozen people. They responded positively and with quite a few questions (the most common is always "is this a series?" - that's both gratifying and hard to answer). After stumbling through a couple of bad answers I let the actors and the D.P. take over.

We were also able to show a slideshow of the images we've been posting online and the two-minute clip at various times throughout the weekend at the Farragut Films table. These folks are co-producing the movie with us, and they are very generous with their time and resources.

Finally, I think the weekend was a good showcase for NEO f/x: they're contributing to just about every one of these films, as well as producing the Animated Farragut Adventures - those ran throughout the weekend at the Farragut Films table and were very popular.

Here's a cool effects shot that NEO f/x did for Polaris with very little lead time:

We really had a good time.

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