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Re: post your pet picture thread

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Outside of a B&B in Maine that we like to take the occasional weekend getaway at. It's pet friendly, so we bring him along. (This was pre-Helena) The beach is a quarter mile away, in the summer there are dirt cheap lobster shacks around, and a lot of little shops to poke your head into.

I like that picture too, I was going to use it as my desktop until I realized his weener is hanging out. Oh well.

I'll upload some pictures of the little pup to photobucket at some point.

Smoothie, You know what? I hadn't even noticed that. I was commenting on how stiff the rest of his body was. He looked like he was thinking, "stop hugging me....please, stop hugging me!!!" Never even noticed how stiff his privates were. Well, i guess that's a good thing anyway.... He's a gorgeous dog. And yeah, i'd love to see more pup pics. Shes a cutie.

Axiom, omg. She has the SWEETEST face and eyes!!!! Oh she is just too cute for words!!! What a love!!!

Auntiehill, GOOD ONE!!!!!
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