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But how many people actually call any of those movies by their full title? Certainly, in cinemas, people just ask for tickets to 'Pirates of the Carribean' or 'GI Joe' or 'Wolverine', I've yet to hear anyone say the full names.
Precisely. Subtitles are easy enough to ignore. Yet once the sequels come out, it makes it alot easier to refer to all of the movies in the series opposite each other. I much prefer saying "The Curse of the Black Pearl" as opposed to just "the 1st one." I'm also glad that George Lucas added "Episode IV: A New Hope" to the opening crawl of the original Star Wars in 1979.

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For literalists
Superman: There is going to be a lot of Punching in this Movie.
Kinda sounds like what the title would be in the universe of The Invention of Lying.
Kegg: "You're a Trekkie. The capacity to quibble over the minutiae of space opera films is your birthright."
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