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Re: Who Could Carry Their Own Series?

We are familiar with Riker and Troi because we're Trekkies. That show has been off the air for almost two decades now and there hasn't been a blockbuster movie featuring Riker since First Contact. I think it would be in dispute just how well the "recognizably" card would play. If they wrote him as though everyone knew exactly who he was the show would probably only appeal to Trekkies. If they wrote him as though it needed to be explained who he was it would seemingly defeat the purpose of having a show featuring that character as a Captain in the first place.

Wesley, going from place to place solving problems in the shirt he wore during Season One, with The Traveller, and a chimp. Now there's a concept we can't get enough of - a man-child, his alien pedophile, and his monkey.
Haven't laughed so hard in a while.

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