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Hi from a newbie :) Please read my babble


Babble it is im afraid.

A big hello from Sunny Scotland. Actually its -5 and windy and grey and wet and rotten, but hello nonetheless.

This is my first post and i just wanted to ask a few things.

I was never into the original TOS when i was younger, though i always loved the Enterprise of that era. My first real love of Trekkiness came with TNG.

Voyager i thought was ok, DS9 i never really got into and ENT was actually ok after i kind of warmed to it.

My problem is that i feel that ST is sort of stuck in a time warp. Over here in the UK, Virgin1 regularly show VOY and TNG, and Bravo have VOY and DS9. However, most of the people i know will not watch any of it.
It took me long enough to convince people to go see the new ST film, but when they see me talk about ST stuff or tell them i still watch TNG they think im crazy and some sort fo 80's reject.

How do we bring ST back to being relevant today?
I still think that the morals and social aspirations in ST are brilliant..... if only it were real then the world would be a much better place, more so than ever we need a reminder of tolerance and understanding.

I guess a new series would be good.... but i get the impression its not likely to happen (for the next 5 years at least), more films would help too (though i still kind of want more TNG style films.... thats not going to happen ever though i suspect).

Anyway..... I've said nothing important, interesting, fun or exciting on my first post....... i promise that future posts will be much more exciting, maybe..........
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