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I'd love a Superman movie that actually focuses on the character, isn't an origin story, and isn't a rehash of the shitty movies and television series (not including the animated series; they actually got it right). No "deconstruction" of the character, no "reimagining" him as a gothic dweeb with a suit in a can, no hot pink kryptonite that turns him into a flaming homosexual, etc. Just a real Superman story with the real Superman character being a real superhero.

I'd even be okay with another Lex Luthor story (preferably as the businessman or president versions), though it's high time some of his other villains got the limelight. Sure, his Rogue's Gallery isn't as awesome as Batman's, but he has some cool ones hidden in there. Brainiac (particularly the animated series version) and Bizarro (ditto) are two that come to mind, though the "Hollywood" types would probably prefer someone shiny and "cool" like Metallo or something.

Lois Lane should just be the damsel in distress that she's supposed to be, not the lead character with Superman being a pussy-whipped, bastard-fathering stalker in the background. Jimmy Olsen could use some updating; I thought Lois & Clark did a good job in that respect, though it needs to go farther. And for the love of God, they don't need any other "last sons of Krypton" floating around (with Brainiac being a notable exception).
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