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I think this is great news. I have played Civ since Civ I and was disappointed that I didn't get addicted to CivIV like I had all the rest. I think it was the promotion system that kinda turned me off, though I liked the rest of the improvements.

I have always wanted them to convert over to some kind of armies-only approach. The way I am thinking of kinda is like the board game "Samuari Swords" (aka Shogun) where you had an army with a limited number of slots for samurai and peasants. I would like to see something similar in Civ - in the early years your army is one slot, getting more technology allows you to add slots for bowmen, mounted units, (maybe for HQ units) etc. That way armies prevent SODs while enhancing technology and promoting combined arms.

But enough of fan-speculation. I hope religion is kept in the game but improved, and as always I would like to see AI, diplomacy, and espionage improvements as well.
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