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Re: Fallout 3

Evil Twin wrote: View Post
The surefire way to deal with Burke and have no fatalities is to be female and use the Black Widow speech option on him. He leaves town peacefully and then you start receiving love letters from him every so often when you stop by Moriarity's.
Weird. Interesting, but weird.

Ayelbourne wrote: View Post
If you had waited a bit, the raiders would have started beating the unarmed dude with baseball bats and stuff.
Common theory is that this is supposed to be some kind of raider initiation ritual.
Darn, now I wish I hadn't been so quick to shoot!

Anthony Sabre wrote: View Post
Finished up the Fire Ant investigation mission and hit level 9 tonight. I've been doing a lot of exploring, unlocking the ability to fast travel to all the way points I can see on the map. Super Mutants have gotten easy but are still fun to kill. Headed for Rivet City now.
Try not to rely on fast travel too much, it's convenient, but you can miss a lot of locations if you use it for EVERYTHING.

I've been on a bit of a fallout break the past week, getting reacquainted with Uncharted 2's co-op. Going to get back to fallout this week.
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