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Re: Who Could Carry Their Own Series?

a series about Riker and the Titan in a post-Nemesis setting could be a winner, IMO.

I haven't read the novels but a new series would obviously be able to go any direction it wanted.

Include (without going overboard) a core of familiar characters around Riker and Troi --Worf?, Tuvok?, Ezri? --with a crew of new faces, stories, and could be successful, both financially and critically.

Going that route would also be an easier sales pitch to the powers-that-be because it would offer a reliable core of cast members that audiences are already familiar with...just a safer bet to take a chance on. Whether or not the actors would be interested or not I have no idea.

But the writing and production would need to be good right out of the gate. People would love to see a good crew on a cool new ship exploring new places and going on new adventures.

I still think there would be a nice TV market for good Trek. The Riker/Titan angle could be good Trek if they did it intelligently.

my .02 fwiw.
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