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Re: Movies Seen in 2010


Avatar [ B]
Precious [A-]
Invictus [ B]
A Single Man [B-]
Crazy Heart [A-]
A Serious Man [A-]


Adventureland [B+]
Samaritan Girl [C+]
3-Iron [A]
The Hurt Locker [A-]
Citizen Kane [A]
Planet Hulk [B+]
High Society [B-]
The Philadelphia Story [A-]
The Pianist [A-]
Murder By Decree [A-]
A Man For All Seasons [B+]
A Patch of Blue [B+]
Broadway Danny Rose [B+]
The Departed [A]
The Purple Rose of Cairo [B+]
Zelig [B ]
Radio Days [B ]
Hannah and Her Sisters [B+]
Gone Baby Gone [A+]

Damn, Ben, I would never have guessed. Why did you waste years making mediocre blockbusters when you could have been doing films like this? On the surface you might take this for a bigscreen procedural, but it turns into a magnificent neo-noir (one that I would rank above The Departed). You've got your private investigators, tension with the cops, and more then a modicum of trouble; and, in the end, the lead has to do what he thinks is right, even if that leaves him walking alone. Great performances all around, and the film is interestingly structured (halfway through there's what for most movies would be the wrapup, but that's just the jumpoff). It's also, for something that's superficially a thriller, not overly concerned with laying out all the clues prior to the character solving it (though most of the big stuff is there), but I don't think that's important. This makes me really excited for Affleck's 2010 picture.
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