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Ratoukhit the Cardassian Riding Hound

Just a little something I started playing with recently...

This is a WIP of Ratoukhit the Cardassian riding hound from Part IV of my story "The Desolate Vigil" (which takes place in my Sigils and Unions--Catacombs of Oralius AU). I have a VERY different idea of what the riding hound should look like, as compared to Una McCormack--for me, they are therapsids just like the Cardassians themselves and show a mix of mammal-like and reptile-like traits.

They do indeed possess a bioelectric sense, as my Cardassians do. They also have the eye ridges that tend to be the mark of Cardassia Prime's most intelligent therapsids (though these recede more quickly into the face than a Cardassian person's, because riding hounds still can't afford the same sacrifice in peripheral vision as a fully sentient being).

The long face, BTW, is inspired by the Borzoi hound.

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