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Re: Who Could Carry Their Own Series?

I honestly don't think any of them could seriously do it to much acclaim. Riker and Troi aboard the Titan would be the most likely candidate (as has been said) but... I'm not sure that's a show I'd want to watch given the fact that it would seemingly be easier to just put a brand new cast together and start from scratch.

I wouldn't mind an amalgamated cast of some sort- like they take a person or two from the three series (obviously Enterprise is excluded) and have them do a show together. I don't know what the premise of such a show might be but depending on it there are characters from TNG who would be nice additions. I always thought Beverly and Troi kind of sucked because they were never really fleshed out (I mean they were barely used in the movies at all). That might be a chance for one of them.

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