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Re: US retreat leaves China leading way in race to return to Moon

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Venus!?!? You mean the planet that is tidally locked, has 400 degree surface temperatures, no water, sulphuric acid for an atmosphere and a surface pressure of 100 atmospheres?

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! yea right, it's much easier to colonize than Mars! Do you know how long the last probe on Venus lasted before succumbing to those conditions? Less than an hour.Just because Venus has a size and gravity similar to earth does not make it anywhere near easier.
Main article: Colonization of Venus
Due to the extremely hostile conditions on the surface, current technology disallows any possibility of colonizing the surface of Venus soon. However, there have been recent speculations about the possibility of developing extensive "floating cities" in the atmosphere of Venus in the future.[125] This concept is based on the atmospheric conditions approximately fifty kilometres above the surface of the planet, where atmospheric pressures and temperatures are thought to be similar to those of Earth. Proposals suggest that manned exploration can be conducted from aerostat vehicles, followed in the longer term by permanent settlements.[125] The existence of dangerous quantities of volatile acids at these heights, however, precludes any short term settlements.[125]

Yes, that's clearly much easier than colonizing Mars.

I never said it was easier...just one of many options.
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