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Re: Movies Seen in 2010


Avatar [ B]
Precious [A-]
Invictus [ B]
A Single Man [B-]
Crazy Heart [A-]
A Serious Man [A-]


Adventureland [B+]
Samaritan Girl [C+]
3-Iron [A]
The Hurt Locker [A-]
Citizen Kane [A]
Planet Hulk [B+]
High Society [B-]
The Philadelphia Story [A-]
The Pianist [A-]
Murder By Decree [A-]
A Man For All Seasons [B+]
A Patch of Blue [B+]
Broadway Danny Rose [B+]
The Departed [A]
The Purple Rose of Cairo [B+]
Zelig [B ]
Radio Days [B ]
Hannah and Her Sisters [B+]

One of Woody Allen's most acclaimed movies (and the source of one of his three Oscars, the other two being for Annie Hall), this is another of his relationship dramas, with this one being about how Mia Farrow's significant other is cheating on her with a member of her family (I suppose it's lucky that Allen didn't opt for the Michael Caine role here or the irony would probably sink the film). There's a ton of familiar faces (or voices) here in minor roles, including Julie Kavner, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The Daily Show's Lewis Black, and Sam Waterson. There are a few different plots going here, though, for most of it, Allen's own character's seems really unconnected to everything else, though it comes together in the end. It's a good, quiet drama; I don't know if I thought it was noticeably better than Purple Rose of Cairo or Broadway Danny Rose, though it's got considerably more acclaim than either of those. The conclusion is a somewhat odd contrast with Purple Rose, where Woody is snapped out of his nihilism by a Marx Brothers movie (the ending of this one being altogether more genial).
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