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Re: Obama Space Plan: Return to Moon: "No Go"

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Well that being said I think that the Orion spacecraft systems with Ares 1,and 5 could be redirected to Mars instead of the moon,but don't count the United States out of the running,when it comes to returning to the moon.

It's not economically feasable,and 8 Billion saved could be used to keep station running,and beef up Ares 1,Ares 5 programs with one change in destination Mars by 2015-2020 remember we have Ion drive tech right now,and that is successfull on a small scale all we have to do is expand our Ion drive program ,and attach it to an Ares/Orion spacecraft built in space to go to Mars for landing instead of moon of which can be done later as a automated mining outpost for He3.

that's my take on this


Buck Rogers

You do know they canceled Ares I/V because they were flawed. Not because the Moon was?

Your argument is like saying "I was building this rowboat to go from the U.S. to England, but that's not working out, so now I wanna build the same boat to go to China instead"
I wasn't aware that the Ares1/V was canceled Your reply was kinda funny at first,but I agree with you that my argument was based on a unknown fact IE: the cancelation of the the Ares Program all together so I take back what I said in my previous post.


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