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Re: Uma Thurman: Genre babe of the week #8 (Feb. 2010)

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Thumbs down.

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Wow, guys are weird. I would have thought Uma Thurman would be unanimously thumbs up. She's a classic beauty, whereas a lot of the women who get good scores in these polls are utterly interchangeable Barbie doll types and frankly boring looking.

Did they change the definition of classic beauty when I wasn't paying attention? Does it now equal fugly? Cause her and Maggie G. are neck-and-neck right now over who hit more branches of the ugly tree on the way down.
Why did you have to mention Maggie Gyllenhal (sp)!??!!? I was supposed to eat food today!!
To each his own. I always thought Maggie was cute. Not a great beauty, but if I was dating her in real life I would be a happy man.
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