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Re: I'm thinking to open an Amazon store selling old robots, SciFi st

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I would say concentrate on getting a job and secure you finances first. It's going to be very hard making a profit from a brick and morter store unless you can get a place that is dirt cheap but has decent retail visibilty. The overhead running even a small store can get high so you need to be very carefull evaluating you forcasted profit/cost ratios.
FleetLord I agree with you,but I'm starting the business on the internet once I connect with a job it's been very hard on me,and my mother,when I lost my last position a year ago in late March early April the Amazon store I'll be launching it's free to create,but it only 40 listings to worry about,and the take from Amazon is 0.99 cents per transaction,eventually I'll upgrade in six to nine months to the second tier,which is $39.95 per month,and I can increase my offerings to 1000 products,and make additional money selling my sketchbook,and promotional items related to that venture.
I've researched retail costs,before as well as projected sales of other brick,and mortar locations in Maryland are $15-$50 per Sqft,depending if you locate in a mall,Shopping center or strip center.
I'm only going to have a small shop size wise 500-1000 sqft.

Thank you for your advice


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