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Re: Majel Barrett Roddenberry-Number One

Wingsley wrote: View Post
In-universe, however, I am shocked that I've never heard of any novels, comics or fanfic that ever capitalized on this opportunity.
Then you haven't read John Byrne's recent three-issue comic mini-series, "Schism" for IDW, in which Number One is a featured commodore on a Constitution class vessel.

The omnibus collection containing it has just come out. It's called "Pawns of War" and collects "Alien Spotlight II: Romulans", plus a new-for-the-trade adaptation of the episode, "Balance of Terror", plus the two-part "The Hollow Crown", the aforementioned "Schism", plus a gallery of art and covers.

Also, Number One was slated to be an admiral sitting beside Robert April commenting on a televised event in the "Lost Years Saga" novel, "A Flag Full of Stars" by Brad Ferguson, but it was during a time of tight control and she had to be renamed Timothea Rogers, with no reveal that she was a promoted Number One.

In DC Comics' first annual (for their Series I line), Number One was to be Kirk's Number One, but there's an accident in the cargo bay that crushes her legs and Kirk must choose between Spock and Gary Mitchell as her replacement.

James Wright wrote: View Post
in other words Star Trek(1966-1969), was ahead of it's time in some respects but behind the times when it came to showing women in command positions, aka starship captain's ? Some vision of the future, eh, just for fairness when was the first female captain referred to on TNG?
First came ST IV, with the captain of USS Saratoga, in the opening scenes.

Then in TNG, Captain Tryla Scott ("Conspiracy"), end of Season One.
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