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Re: Majel Barrett Roddenberry-Number One

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^ Agreed. Not the most progressive, but far from being blatantly demeaning as some examples I choose not to remember.
Well, there were some particular low points. "Mudd's Women" was particularly egregious in its objectification of women; if not for Uhura's token presence, you'd think the entire Enterprise crew was male and saw women strictly as sex objects. And "The Enemy Within" is frankly horrible in its attitude toward Evil Kirk's attempted rape of Rand -- first having Rand act like a total doormat afterward, saying "I can understand" and "I don't want to get you into trouble" to Kirk, and then at the end having Spock make a tasteless insinuation to Rand about the "interesting qualities" of the impostor who brutally assaulted her. The show got better, but right at the start, for a couple of episodes, it was really disquieting in the extent of its sexism.
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