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Re: Majel Barrett Roddenberry-Number One

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But then there's "Turnabout Intruder", with Dr. Lester stating that starship captaincy was essentially a good ol' boys club. True there were female characters on certain TV shows and movies that were ahead of their time back then, but then there were never any female Federation commanders in TOS, and the context of that era also included Taylor's non-speaking love interest in PLANET OF THE APES.
Well, yes, it's not all-or-nothing, of course, because we're talking about a whole society and an entertainment slate produced by many different people. The point is that there are examples demonstrating that 1960s American media culture was not completely hostile to a strong portrayal of women.

And if anything, the relatively low status of women in TOS argues against Roddenberry's claim that he was a pioneer in gender equality fighting against a sexist network. My point is that if you look at the whole spectrum of portrayals of women in 1960s television, Star Trek was not the most progressive show out there.
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