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Re: The Wolfman (grading and discussion)

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I just recently saw it, and i must say it was an good movie, but other then that i thought the story could've been alot more butter, In my opinion The Father vrs The son plot was an differrent new twist for the story, but other then that it was good old fashion entertainment.
Everything needs more butter.

Mmmmm. Butter.


BTW. Quoting this post confused the heck out of me.

And I figured out why.

Zakk used the Spoiler code wrong. He's a n00b so I'm going to help him out.

Zakk, you put the spoiler in the place where the "spoiler hint" goes and nothing between the brackets.

You did it like this:

[ SPOILER=Jack dies at the end of Titanic][ /SPOILER]

The "Spoiler=" is supposed to be a hint about the spoiler so people know what it is about, between the bracketed items goes the actual spoiler:

[ SPOILER=Ending of Titanic]Jack dies.[ /SPOILER]

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