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Re: Majel Barrett Roddenberry-Number One

I agree with previous comments from Nerys Myk, and especially Captain Pike.

1960s television was not fertile ground for a female command figure. The only way we got to see the female Romulan commander in "The Enterprise Incident" was in the context of a story that underscored her as a sucker for Vulcan men.

In-universe, however, I am shocked that I've never heard of any novels, comics or fanfic that ever capitalized on this opportunity. If "Number One" was first officer of the Enterprise when the ship first visited Talos IV, and that was 13 years prior to Spock returning the crippled Pike to the Talosian "Menagerie", then 2267-13=2254, which would suggest that by the time of TOS, providing "Number One" stayed in the Service, she could have easily rose through the ranks (presumably through other assignments).

Could she have assumed command of another unseen starship, starbase, deep space station, science vessel or other expedition elsewhere in the Galaxy, far away from the Enterprise? Why not?

It would be interesting to see who could be cast as "Number One", and if someone could be found to capture the "M. Leigh Hudec as Number One" look and voice.

It definitely could not have happened in the 1960's, but it would be interesting to imagine a TOS-era "prime universe" spin off of that character in a command role on some distant mission, maybe something like STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE ONE, set aboard a K-class space station. She could be the first commander of the Federation's first "deep space" series of frontier stations.
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