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I really really hope we don't get an origin retread. I mean what is it with these reboots retelling the origin. Batman Begins was okay because even the Burton/Shumacher Batman films didn't really get into it too terribly much, at least Batman's early days. So that was okay. Superman doesn't really need an origin to show how he went from baby to Superman. I mean if they really want to restart the mythology, they could always restart it from shortly before he puts the suit on and follows it from the time he comes on the scene. Basically put to film the classic Man of Steel #2 where Superman is named thus by Lois Lane but I'd like to keep the thing where Lois is scooped by Clark. And then maybe follow it forward with like Metallo or Lex - even though I'm sick of Lex in the movies, but I wouldn't even really mind seeing like a "City Under Seige" kind of thing where you could have a bunch of his rogues gallery show up and then reveal that Lex set it in motion, but Superman can't prove it and it ends with a bit of a cliff hanger at the end.
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