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Anthony Sabre wrote: View Post
I just played this game for the first time ever, today. Everything was going well until it was time to escape from the vault. I ran into Butch and his mother was trapped with the Radroaches. I was going to help her but I couldn't figure out how. Meanwhile the quest info said that I should go back to my desk and get my things, which I did. When I walked up to Butch again he said his mother had died and I could have helped her and it was my fault. He vowed revenge or something. I didn't know what to do... so I shot him.

Sorry Butch, but as Elim Garak once said, "Always burn your bridges behind you. You never know who might be trying to follow." Picked up my first bit of bad karma with that. Not sure what to make of it.
Sounds like you're off to a good start, unpredictability is one of the great things about Fallout 3. If you'd followed Butch, he would have taken you to his him and you could have killed the radroaches.

Anthony Sabre wrote: View Post
I disarmed the bomb in Megaton but I killed Moriarty for trying to jerk me around about my dad. I still got the house and good karma. Then I ended up killing the towns folk in Arefu. Now on to D.C. to see what else I can learn.

Still blows me away that the game offers so many different paths to take. Never played a game quite like it.
Yikes. I didn't kill Moriarty, but I did blow Mr. Burke away with the help of Lucas Simms (had to act quick though Simms has a glass jaw).

You HORRIBLE PERSON! You killed the folks at Arefu! I don't really agree with PKerr in that you shouldn't have done that (freedom of choice makes the game interesting, and it's great to share different stories) but I hear where he's coming from, Arefu would probably have served you better left intact.

Also, I agree with folks about deviating from the main quest, feel free to do the main quest line every 10 or 15 hrs, but Bethesda are great at making compelling side missions.

For my part, I just rescued Reilly's Ranges and wandered into a gaggle of super mutants, at least 10 of them. Good thing I'm a stimpak hoarder, I had to dip into my reserve of 120 and use up all my Nuka cola's. After that I stumbled across Vault-Tec HQ, going to check it out after I dump some stuff at the Ranger HQ.
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