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Re: US retreat leaves China leading way in race to return to Moon

China won't go to the Moon, the Chinese will land robots there but its not the Chinaman's final destination. China unlike the old Soviet program the Chinese state gov has left a lot of news reports and info out in the open. Some of it is smoke and mirrors, so you need to be cynical and critical to see what they are really up to. They are building a rocket for heavy lift payloads but they will not colonize the Moon. The Moon is too bare and inhospitable to ever be colonized even in the 21st century its still to baron and bare for us.
Mars will be China's final destination, got an atmosphere, almost a 24 hr day and lots of resources, they could sustain a colony there and truly make Mars a red planet. First China will need to have gained experience in long term flight, I can see this after they have kept people on a space station around 2017 ish, the Chinese are a production and economic power house, their economy barely took any blows during the global financial meltdown and they easily have the tech to build a long term space station. Once they have gained experience in long term flight they will have the raw data and guts to make that 6 month voyage to Mars. The mission the Chinese take will be very similar to the one outlined by aerospace engineer and author Robert Zubrin. Once the Chinese make Mars theirs this century will truly be a Chinese one.
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