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I was going to help her but I couldn't figure out how.
Was it because you couldn't find her? When you get a quest, a marker will appear on your compass, showing you which direction to walk. Also, you can see the marker on your Pipboy's map.
Yes, that was the main reason. I figured out later that all I probably needed to do was open the door and kill the roaches. I haven't gotten this engrossed in a game in awhile. 3 hours slipped by before I realized it. I disarmed the bomb in Megaton but I killed Moriarty for trying to jerk me around about my dad. I still got the house and good karma. Then I ended up killing the towns folk in Arefu. Now on to D.C. to see what else I can learn.

Still blows me away that the game offers so many different paths to take. Never played a game quite like it.
After doing few main quest related things in DC (especially fixing the radio station, so that you'll have something nice to hear besides president's ramblings) you can forget about the main quest and do everything else. There are tons of stuff to do in the game besides the main quest.
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