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I was going to help her but I couldn't figure out how.
Was it because you couldn't find her? When you get a quest, a marker will appear on your compass, showing you which direction to walk. Also, you can see the marker on your Pipboy's map.
Yes, that was the main reason. I figured out later that all I probably needed to do was open the door and kill the roaches. I haven't gotten this engrossed in a game in awhile. 3 hours slipped by before I realized it. I disarmed the bomb in Megaton but I killed Moriarty for trying to jerk me around about my dad. I still got the house and good karma. Then I ended up killing the towns folk in Arefu. Now on to D.C. to see what else I can learn.

Still blows me away that the game offers so many different paths to take. Never played a game quite like it.

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