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Re: Obama Space Plan: Return to Moon: "No Go"

Well that being said I think that the Orion spacecraft systems with Ares 1,and 5 could be redirected to Mars instead of the moon,but don't count the United States out of the running,when it comes to returning to the moon.

It's not economically feasable,and 8 Billion saved could be used to keep station running,and beef up Ares 1,Ares 5 programs with one change in destination Mars by 2015-2020 remember we have Ion drive tech right now,and that is successfull on a small scale all we have to do is expand our Ion drive program ,and attach it to an Ares/Orion spacecraft built in space to go to Mars for landing instead of moon of which can be done later as a automated mining outpost for He3.

that's my take on this


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